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Frequently Asked Questions
I have just moved to Nevada. How do I find a nearby service clinic or provider?
First, decide what kind of help you might need. Behavioral Health serves people with both mental illness and a history of substance abuse. Try to determine whether you are looking for services regarding a mental illness, a history of substance abuse, or both.
Second, the services available depend on where you are living in Nevada. Please use the matrix below to begin your search:
Las VegasRenoOther (Rural)
Substance Abuse? SAPTA SAPTA SAPTA
How can I obtain licensing in Nevada as a psychologist, mental health professional or substance abuse counselor?
In Nevada, there are specific licensing boards for the specific professional areas. Please see the links below:
How can I start a group home?
Please consult with your local Behavioral Health service agency’s outpatient or residential community services supervisor to discuss what type of group home you are considering starting. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, previous experience, perceived needs in the community, etc. If the service agency’s outpatient or community services supervisor agrees with you, he or she can coordinate discussions with Medicaid to enroll you as a provider. This will help to streamline all processes.
The provision of group home services to persons with behavioral health challenges requires persons or organizations be licensed by the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance of the Nevada State Health Division. Additional licenses may be required from city or county government. Providers of group home services must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Division, that they possess the appropriate skills and experience necessary for the care and treatment of individuals with mental illness.
Someone I know is acting strange and it’s starting to worry me. What should I do?
Remember, a person can act any way he or she chooses, but if you are especially concerned and the behavior makes you believe the person is dangerous to themselves, others, or property, you may want to first try to contact that person’s family or friends. If they are not available, you may have to contact the local law enforcement agency so they can visit the person. Behavioral Health offers emergency evaluations anytime by calling:
Las Vegas: (702) 486-8020
Reno: (775) 688-2020
Rural Nevada: (775) 687-1000
If there is a need to talk to someone immediately, Behavioral Health offers the Nevada Suicide Crisis Hotline at 1-877-885-4673.

Do I have to pay for my mental health care?

Unless you are completely without income, you will have to pay something. Our agencies use a "sliding scale" fee schedule, so you will be charged based upon your income. However, you may be eligible for social welfare programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. Please consult the Social Security Administration if you have questions pertaining to Medicare, or your local Nevada State Welfare Office if you have questions regarding Medicaid eligibility.

Do you provide mental health care for children?
Behavioral Health provides services in rural Nevada to children. Please contact the clinic in your county directly or our Rural Counseling and Supportive Services. If you need services for your child and you live in Las Vegas or Reno, you should contact the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).
If I am not satisfied with my treatment and services from a Behavioral Health agency, what recourse do I have?
First, speak with your therapist directly. If you do not find resolution after that, ask to speak to your agency’s Performance Improvement Coordinator. One of the duties of the Performance Improvement Coordinator is to help address patient and family treatment issues, and he or she will make every effort to resolve your concerns. If you have still not received the help you need, you can file a grievance with your agency’s director. You should call or write to the Division Central Office only after you have spoken to the Agency Director and given him or her a chance to address your concerns.

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